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In 2018, a new Independent unit Fast Track Mechanical Equipments LLC was established in Abudhabi to provide our products and services to the ADNOC GROUP. We have received In-Country Value Certification for both companies in April 2022. Hydraulic Torque Wrench Supplier in UAEHydraulic Tools Supplier in Dubai, UAE & Middle East, Hydraulic Torque Wrench Supplier in Dubai, UAE & Middle East, Bolt Tensioners Supplier in Dubai, UAE & Middle East, Air Operated Double Diaphargm Pumps Supplier in Dubai, UAE & Middle East. Hydro Test Pumps Suppliers in Dubai, UAE & Middle East, Mud Pumps Supplier in Dubai, UAE & Middle East, Hoists & Winches Supplier in Dubai, UAE & Middle East, Hi-Force Hydraulic Cylinders & Pumps in Dubai, UAE & Middle East

Our Services:

Sales ● Rental ● Service ● Calibration ● Training

Our Products:

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners UAE:

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners for TOPSIDE, SUBSEA, OFFSHORE & ENERGY, NUCLEAR, EPC Contractors

NORD LOCK BOLTIGHT Multi Stud Tensioners for Nuclear Steam Generators

NORD LOCK BOLTIGHT Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Cover Tooling

NORD LOCK BOLTIGHT Tensioning Tools Sets for Gas & Diesel Engines

NORD LOCK Boltight Tool Sets for MWM-DEUTZ Gas Engines

NORD LOCK Boltight Bolt Tensioning Tool for SIEMENS Wind Turbines

NORD LOCK Boltight Bolt Tensioning for Onshore & Offshore Wind Turbine Applications

GE 9FA & GE 9FB Gas Turbine Casing Tool Kit

GE 9E Gas Turbine Casing Tool Kit

GE 7FA Gas Turbine Casing Tool Kit

GE 9H Gas Turbine Casing Tool Kit

NORD LOCK BOLTIGHT Ultrasonic Bolt Load Measurement System

Bolt Tensioner & Hydraulic Torque Wrench Solutions UAE:

NORD LOCK Mechanical Bolt Tensioners: NORD LOCK Super Bolt products are extensively used throughout the oil & gas industry. Applications including Top Drives, Turbine Control Valves, Blowout Preventers, Turbine Joints, Mud Pumps, Pipe Flanges, Heat Exchanger Heads, Coupling, Anchor Bolts

● Bolting Solutions UAE: Alkitronic Electric, Pneumatic, and Battery Nut Runners & Advanced Bolting Solutions in UAE

● Bolting Solutions UAE: TORSIONX Hydraulic Square Drive & Low Profile Torque Wrenches and Advanced Bolting Systems in UAE

HYTORC Hydraulic Torque Wrenches (Avanti, Stealth, XLCT, JGUN & Lithium Guns) for RENTAL in UAE

PETOL & TITAN Special Refinery & Rig Wrenches Petol Belt Tongs, Chain Tongs, Tubing Tongs, Flange Tools, Pipe Tongs, Refinery & Rig Wrenches, Valve Wheel Wrenches, Striking/Hammer Wrenches, Sucker Rod Wrenches .

Customized Bolting Solutions UAE:

NORD LOCK Wedge-Lock Washers NORD LOCK X-Series Washers NORD LOCK Steel Construction (SC) Washers Extended NORD LOCK Wheel Nut range from M16-M24 NORD LOCK Combi Bolt Washers NORD Lock customized BOLT-Securing Technology includes applications with special materials, measurements, sizes, coating or change in Geometry.

BoltClean Bolt Thread Cleaning Solutions: Internal Bolt Thread Cleaners & External Bolt Thread Cleaners

Lifting, Jacking & Positioning Tools

Electric, AIR Hoists & Offshore Winches Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps & Tools (700 Bars) Toe Jacks, Load Transport Trolleys, Remotely and Battery Operated Transport Systems ROBOT upto 40 tons, Load Skates & Dollies

Heat Exchanger, Boiler & Chillers HVAC Tube Maintenance Systems

Tube Cutting Tools, Tube Expanders, Tube Cleaners, Tube Guides, Tube Inserts, Tube Pullers, Wils-Tronic Tube Rollers, Enforcer 500 Tube Expander, Tubesheet Hole Tools, Vacuum Leak Detectors etc. Wils-Away Electric Tube Cleaning Kits, Wils-Matic Auto Tube Puncher Kits, Wils-Away Pneumatic Tube Cleaning Kits

INDUSTRIAL Pumping Solutions

Electric, AIR & Gasoline -Hydrostatic Test Pumps Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps (AODD) Progressive Cavity Pumps for Sludge & Oil & Gas Diesel/Electric Driven Mud Pump Packages ​

Magnetic Drill and Pipe Beveling Machines ● Pneumatic Impact Wrenches and Metal Working Tools

Offshore & Onshore

Electrical Packages

ATEX/UL Plugs, Junction Boxes, Panels, Glands HO7RNF Rubber Flexible Cables, Offshore & Marine cables Motor Starters, Contactors. Appleton Electric Accessories | Adalet Offshore Electricals

Offshore & Onshore Pump Packages

MCM-Odrill Mud Pumps | Mission Magnum Mud Pump Spares | Double Life Mud Pumps Spares | Progressive Cavity Pumps

Middle East Representative:

● HERL Industrial Refrigeration Valves, Parker Hannifin, U.S.A

● PJM Industrial, AUSTRALIA (Post Tensioning)

● #GKS-PERFEKT, Germany-Load Skates, GERMANY Authorized Distributor (U.A.E & OMAN): ● #NORD LOCK BOLTIGHT, UK ● NORD LOCK SUPERBOLT, UK ● Alkitronic®, GERMANY ● TorsionX, U.S.A ● Thomas C. Wilson, U.S.A ● Rice Hydro Inc., U.S.A ●Petol™ GEARENCH, U.S.A ● Red Rooster, U.K ● HYTORC BOLTING TOOLS (RENTAL IN UAE) ● Verder Air/Liquids, U.K ● Simplex (ENERPAC), U.S.A ● Sun Run, TAIWAN ● #BOLTIGHT TENSIONERS, UK Contact Details: FAST TRACK INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES LLC P. O. Box 115653, Dubai, UAE T: +971 4 2583603 Mobile: +971 50 6568150, +971 50 5595105 E: E: (ADNOC ENQUIRIES) Website: Address: (U.A.E) Central Facility And Service Center: WH# 6, Al Asmawi Commercial Complex 2 Al Manama Street, Ras al Khor Industrial Area 2 Dubai, UAE; #industrialboltingUAE #controlledboltingUAE #hytorcrentalsUAE #Bolt Tensioners UAE #HydraulicBoltTensioningUAE #BoltingserviceUAE #bolttensioningUAE #subseabolttensioningUAE #boltingtoolsUAE #fasttrackindustrialresourcesllc #fasttrackmechanicalequipmentsllc #boltightbolttensioners #nordlockwashers #hytorcmiddleeast #hydratight #atlascopcotorquewrenches #tritorcbolting

Take advantage of our experience and help us provide you the best solution for your bolting, jacking, load moving or pumping job.