Who We Are

Established in 2004 and evolving organically, Fast Track Industrial Resources LLC today is a well acknowledged Advanced Bolting, Torquing, Tensioning, Jacking & Precision Load Moving, Industrial & Oilfield Solutions
 Company in the MENA Region.

Our customers, specifically in the oil & energy industry, an industry which powers modern life and fuels economic expansion, prefer procuring products and services with advanced technology & safety which can contribute to their productivity and enhances their competitiveness. We partner with innovative & well recognized manufacturer’s & providers worldwide to provide our customers with the required products and services.

Our growth as a company can be attributed to a fair, non-discriminatory and ethical way of conducting business with all stakeholders. This in addition to our high quality products and services, industry experience and local value addition, makes us a valued partner for all our customers.

Customers have rewarded us again and again with their trust and business as we have always met or exceeded all their requirements by fulfilling our quality and delivery commitments.

In 2018, a new Independent unit Fast Track Mechanical Equipments LLC was established in Abu Dhabi to provide our products and services to the ADNOC GROUP.


Middle East Representatives:


Industrial Refrigeration Control Valves


Hydraulic Jacking Equipment &
Prestressing, Post Tensioning Equipment

Why US



18 YEARS (Since 2004) 
Pedigree in Providing Quality Products & Services in the UAE & MENA
Widest range of Bolting/Torquing/Tensioning Solutions in UAE & MENA 
Pedigree Brands & Products: 
Hydraulic Tools 
Bolting & Torque Wrenches
Post Tensioning 
Double Life, Mission Magnum, Nexans, ADALET, APPLETON, CROUSE HINDS, CMP, Peppers
2000 ft2
Service and Calibration Facility Centrally Located in Ras al Khor Industrial Area, Dubai
Serviced Hydraulic Torque Wrenches  & Bolting Systems from  
{Hydraulic Torque Wrenches Services & Calibration UAE & MENA}
50,000 Nm   
Calibration of Air, Hydraulic, Electric & Battery Operated Bolting & Torque tools up to 40,000 ft-lbs or 50,000 Nm
Hydraulic & Torque Tools sold, backed by Demonstrations, Training and Aftersales Service 
 {Widest range of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches UAE & OMAN}
Rental Services
Rental of Hydraulic Torque Wrenches & Portable Torque Guns
{Widest range of RENTAL Hydraulic Torque Wrenches UAE & OMAN}
 (Bolting Solution Rental Uae)


Approved/Registered With

Abu Dhabi Oil Co. Ltd.

Emirates Global Aluminum
Major Oil & Energy Companies

Major Rig Builders

Major Government Units

Power & Desalination Plants

EPC & Power Contractors

Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

Heavy Steel Fabrication, Construction & Engineering Units

Crane & Rigging Contractors

Marine & Subsea Contractors




Meet or exceed our clients' expectations, the first time and every time, through the application of proven quality principles at all levels of our service delivery process, while being guided by manufacturer’s recommendations and customers’ requirements.



Fast Track endeavors to sell products and services that are of the highest quality and specifications. We distribute products & services from only reputable manufacturers who help us provide the best after sales service and support to our valued customers.


Our Products

Authorized Distributors :

Alkitronic, Germany crafted
Air, Electric & Battery Operated
Torque Wrenches & Portable Guns

TorsionX, USA crafted
Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
ISO 9001 | ISO 17025 CERTIFIED

TC Wilson, USA crafted
Heat Exchangers, Chillers & Boilers Tube Maintenance Solutions, Tube Cleaning,
HVAC System Cleaners, Tube Expanders, Tube Plugs, Tube Pullers, Tube Leak Detectors.

Fast Track Industrial Resources LLC

Established in 2004 and evolving organically, Fast Track Industrial Resources LLC today is a well acknowledged Industrial Products and Services Marketing, Distribution and Supply Company in the MENA Region.

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P. O. Box 115653, Dubai, UAE
 T: +971 4 2583603
  F: +971 4 2583604
  Mob: +971 50 6568150
  Mob: +971 50 5595105

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